The company GIGA-Line specializes on concepts and complex realisations of atypical made-to-measure interior design.

Hotel interiors

An exclusive view, a personal shoe-boy and new to­wels five times a day is not enough for luxury hotel clients anymore. They also decide according to the name of the world-wide-known top architect who designed the bathtubs or how is the hotel interior decorated. On the hotel guest’s emotions primarily focus architects of design hotels, that has become also in Prague a popular solution when reconstructing older houses or building the new ones.

Restaurants, coffee bars

Even a few years ago, the hotel industry in Czech did not attach any importance to originality of interiors. Today guests are being lured by “bejeweled” design res­taurants that are so popular world wide. Design is the first thing to attract attention of potential customers. That is why today is the right time to “shock” them positively and engage. Designers are then concerned even with such details as the packaging of su­gar that is served with coffee.

Residential projects

Residential projects represent a high standard of living. However it seems that the actual trends in design of luxury residencies might be a little purist for an eye, they are full of “witty” ideas though. Every single spot is used purposefully; there is no space for any meaningless pomposity. Designers incline rather towards evoking sense of coziness and communication. All the furnishing is by all means brand name and the atypical interiors are tailor-made from unique materials.


“Open space” is nowadays an office standard which is being applied almost everywhere. Each company is then fundamentally different in confidence and quality of an arrangement of such open working areas and its furnishing. That is not only a part of their corporate identity, but it also affects mentality of employees and clients. The designer’s task is therefore to make sure that the environment is comfortable, communicative and stimulating.


Protective shields

The health and safety of employees is a priority for most entrepreneurs. At these times when we are faced with a coronavirus pandemic, we offer the installation of protective glass shields in an aluminum frame. The design will be tailor-made so that the original aesthetic intent is preserved and the protective device does not harm the design of the space. We install protective shields in pharmacies, client centers and shops. We offer temporary or permanent placement of the protective shield according to the client’s requirements.

For more information, please contact Darina Novikova at 603 572 807 or gigaline@gigaline.cz.